2415 Venturi Pellet Loader

The 2415 venturi pellet loader is designed to handle pellets as well as regrind or granular materials. The venturi power unit utilizes compressed air to create a vacuum convey source. The modular design of the loader allows flexibility in the selection of material construction, power, filtration and type of discharge to meet your current application requirements, as well as any future needs.


The 2415 venturi loader is available in two versions for either general keep full conveying or loss-in-weight (LIW) feeder refill applications, with a selection of various discharge valve types (gravity, slide/orifice and butterfly), depending on the application and material to be fed.

Loaders for keep-full applications are fitted with a gravity gate discharge valve. The loader sequences draw cycles of material as long as inductive proximity switch on the gravity discharge gate is in the almost closed position or a signal from a secondary level indicator in the hopper is detected, ensuring the hopper below the loader is kept full.

Loaders designed for loss-in-weight feeder refill applications are fitted with a level sensor in the housing and require a slide/orifice or butterfly valve. The loader draws material until it is full and waits for a signal from the feeder below to open the discharge valve and dispense the material. This cycle is then repeated.


2415 venturi loaders are available in either aluminum (painted) or stainless steel construction. Components of different construction are interchangeable, allowing loaders to be specified with stainless steel material contact areas only.

Mechanical Features

  • Rugged modular design
  • Quick-connect clamps for easy cleaning and filter maintenance
  • Full support discharge flange for mounting


The 2415 venturi loader is equipped with the LSR Controller. Front panel controls include a potentiometer to set the draw time and an on/off switch. The controls, on even the simplest loader are capable of handling future add-on options, such as pulse-clean Pellet filters. The control is provided by a 15 amp, 115/230 VAC, single-phase, grounded panel.

Conveying Rates

Based on PE/PP pellets at a distance of 6 m [20 ft] and bulk density of 0.5 kg/dm3 [31 lb/ft3]. Rates vary with material characteristics, conveying distance and plant layout.

Up to 727 kg/hr [1,600 lb/hr]

Technical Data

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Available in painted RAL 7035 gray aluminum or 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel construction
  • Supply power for LSR: 115/230 VAC, 15 Amp, auto switching
  • Venturi supply air: 5.5 - 6.9 bar [80 - 100 PSI]
  • Venturi air consumption: 53 m3/h @ 6 bar [31 scfm @ 87 PSI]
  • Holding capacity general conveying version: 28.5 dm3 [1.0 ft3]
  • Holding capacity LIW refill version: 22.8 dm3 [0.8 ft3]
  • 381 mm [15 in] diameter housing
  • 38 mm [1.5 in] tangential inlet
  • Stainless steel band clamps
  • Discharge gate valve
    • Keep full version: One-piece stainless steel 127 mm [5 in] discharge gate with white Neoprene seal and inductive proximity switch level-sensing system (24 VDC) on gravity gate
    • LIW feeder refill version: Butterfly or slide/orifice gate valve; with single coil solenoid (energize to open valve, proof switch in closed position)

Standard Filtration Configuration

  • Open celled foam filter element for pellet loaders


  • 50 kg [110 lb] depending on discharge configuration

Operating Temperature

  • -10° C to +50° C [14° F to 122° F]



  • Flange for discharge gate valve
  • Custom material combinations
  • Mounting bracket for LIW feeder refill versions
  • Bead blast surface finish (1.8 micron Ra)
  • Venturi vacuum pump sound enclosure


  • Level probes (capacitive or tuning fork type)
  • Limit switches on butterfly or slide gate valve